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Accelerated workflows: New 6th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and the first ever mobile Xeon processors provide the power to extract maximum performance from the demanding professional software you rely on to do your job.Professional graphics: From rendering to complex modeling, you’ll notice an incredible performance boost thanks to NVIDIA Quadro M1000M graphics with 2GB memory.Big storage for big jobs: Easily store, transfer and access large and complex 3D, multimedia and video project files with the speed and reliability of up to 2TB of storage and available Thunderbolt 3.Improve productivity with Dell Precision OptimizerDifferent applications have different system requirements. Let Dell Precision Optimizer take the guesswork out of customizing settings by automatically adjusting system settings. Free with your Precision workstation, the Dell Precision Optimizer, with SCCM centralized management, automatically tunes your Workstation to run some of the most popular Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications at the fastest speeds possible, enhancing productivity.

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