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The US$ 1.25 billion Settlement Fund will serve to compensate for deposits in Swiss banks owned by Holocaust victims but never returned to their heirs and to pay compensation to former slave labourers and certain other victims of the National Socialist regime. IOM is responsible for the following three classes of claimants: non Jewish victims of Nazi persecution who performed slave labour for German companies or for the Nazi regime (Slave Labour Class I) all persons who performed slave labour for certain Swiss companies or their affiliates (Slave Labour Class II) and non Jewish victims of Nazi persecution who were denied entry into Switzerland or who were detained, abused or otherwise mistreated as refugees in Switzerland, during the period 1 January 1933 to 9 May 1945 (Refugee Class). Heirs of victims in all three classes are only entitled to claim compensation if the victim has died on or after 16 February 1999..

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