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gm financial hits brakes on subprime

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Inflation expectations, as measured in the US 5Y5Y ‘breakevens’ have not budged and remain at an elevated 2.15%, so US fixed income markets have been fairly sanguine on the day, as has credit, where high yield credit spreads are basically unchanged. S 500 implied volatility, as measured by the ‘VIX’ index, is a touch lower and poised to break 11%. However, there have been some life in US interest rate markets, with Eurodollar futures finding a further repricing of future rate expectations and we can see the yield differential between March 2020 and March 2018 widening four basis points (bp) to 80bp, with expectations firming for increased moves in 2019..

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The group then welcomed Beth Brucker, who will serve as Co President with Jane McLane. Beth as served for 20 years as a Real Estate person in our area. She has said her goal has been to “help people attain the American Dream of home ownership.” She will take over updating the rosters, scheduling meetings, and attending the monthly Board meetings at the Agency in new London..

That plan represents a 4.77 percent increase in spending and was proposed by Superintendent of Schools Kevin Case to the board of education on Tuesday. The board meets again on Thursday to review the budget and is expected to adopt its own recommendation on March 4.In his presentation, Case cited many accomplishments in the schools in the past year and said the budget he is proposing would give educators what they need to continue the good path the district is on. “We have so much to be proud of here in Canton and we want to continue those areas of excellence,” he said.But the budget Case presented does not include some things that administrators have requested.

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