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all eyes on pm modi’s keynote address

France said of Dewar: a leader who’s naturally collaborative, an essential trait as we work more closely with the OEMs, teams, tracks, broadcast partners and others to grow the sport over the next decade. I’ve had a chance through my consulting practice to be up close and personal with that. So the role I’m going to play is to work with this great team of folks they’ve put in place and try to accelerate the change process.

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She said he hit her often, but she never reported the abuse to police, according to the warrant.Santiago told police DeJesus hit her and pressed a pillow over her face during an argument Saturday afternoon. Scared, she wrapped a black extension cord around his neck and pulled as hard as she could until he stopped moving, the warrant says.Details in the warrant indicate that Santiago and DeJesus were breaking up. Santiago blamed another woman.Santiago called DeJesus on Saturday morning while he was with Denise Colon, 38, who has two children with DeJesus and is pregnant with a third child of his, the warrant states.Colon said DeJesus put the call on speaker phone and told Santiago he was going to the apartment to pick up his clothes.

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Ilan is rainy and raining at this time of year almost every year. Wet and cold, tired and tired. In the darkness, lonely running, many people head lamps hanging head wearing a raincoat, dragging the body barely ran, looked really touched.

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