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These are based on only one calculation method roughly the one used in this briefing with the option of time derogations for some countries (EC, 2015). In addition, new targets to reduce municipal waste disposed of in landfill and revised targets for packaging waste have been proposed.3. ProgressTotal municipal waste generation in the EEA countries declined by 3% in absolute terms and average generation per person by 7% from 2004 to 2014.

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If brand names are important to you, consider outfitting your bike with Michelin mountain bike tires, which are available new or used from reliable sellers on eBay. Features may include a bead tread for added traction as well as lightweight material that is suitable for racing. You can also make yourself more visible and show off your style with colored mountain bike tires, which come in shades such as red, blue, yellow, pink, and green.

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