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Draw a pencil line near the bottom of a piece of chromatography paper; put spots of the colours you are testing on the line; place the bottom of the paper (below the pencil line) into a solvent such as water; wait for the solvent to soak up the paper carrying the dye with it. Different dyes travel at different speeds so are separated.3. Dots that are the same distance from the bottom must be the same colour dye.4.

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As water is warmed from the freezing point of 0 to 4 C (from 32 to 39 F), it contracts and becomes denser. This initial increase in density takes place because at 0 C a portion of the water consists of open structured molecular arrangements similar to those of ice crystals. As the temperature increases, these structures break down and reduce their volume to that of the more closely packed polymeric structures of the liquid state.

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