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Go off grid and enjoy serene snowy silence on a camping trip in the heart of Lapland. Operated by Lennart Pittja, a Sami reindeer herder, you’ll stay in a collection of just five sustainable luxury lavvu tents nestled inside Sweden’s Laponia World Heritage Area. There’s no electricity, but plenty of stoves and cosy furnishings to keep you warm. When the parents’ generation is out of the picture, Zhang’s comedy becomes broad, at times scatalogical, and delightfully perverse in her accounts of kids who are trying to figure out how to be perverts. “The Empty the Empty the Empty” ends with a scene of four tweens on a bed, one of them tied to it with scarves, trying to stage sex acts they aren’t yet capable of. The children in these stories are diligent students, sometimes exhausted by the disservices the public schools do to them, as in the case of Christina, who’s made to repeat ESL classes, or by their parents’ demands for perfection.

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