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Animal lovers are livid over what they see as needless slaughter a debate repeated almost everywhere Canada geese are being culled. In New York City, it didn help when Bloomberg commented that gassing geese amounted to them go to sleep with nice dreams. Pro goose activists picketed at Union Square as well as at Bloomberg posh Manhattan home.

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Checklists have come from Australia, China, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Iceland, India, Kenya and even Antarctica. In Canada, participants in British Columbia have racked up the highest provincial total (189) in that country. Participation in the Maritime Provinces also is up with reports from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador already outstripping last year totals even before all the data has been entered..

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Designer Fake Bags Peacocks are much like Canada geese, except that peacocks are better looking and even more vicious. Dozens of peacocks have invaded the little town of Bokellia on Pine Island in Florida, where they have pooped the equivalent of 86 tons of waste sufficient to sink Pine Island. Residents report that the birds are so aggressive that when they see their reflections on cars, they attack themselves and damage the cars. Designer Fake Bags

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