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I like to have a good day, as you know Italians, do not spend much time preparing a dish, we ‘ll follow their life.I want to offer you a very simple, tasty cuisine / baking fish in the oven Merlotto / cod (Prepare any other Lochos)
-600g Merlucos fillet
-50g flour flour in the 2nd calorie oil In-1 clove garlic
-mill, black pepper to taste
-10 ml white dry wine
-Limon juice and teddy / Preparation
1) Let’s guess the video recipe with commentary
2) Fry the oven at 200 degrees. 3) Fill the frozen fish fillet and then remove it with cuisine paper. 4) Make a baking form of parchment 5) cup of sour flour + salt, black pepper taste + chopped Lemon garlic + parsley + olive oil + white dry wine + lemon juice and juice mix well (must be as shown in the photo) Ready to cover and cover the fillet 6) Exclude 200 degrees in hot oven at 200 degrees 15-20 min (depending on.

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