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The difference was crucial. The two independent forensic engineering teams whose leaders are featured in the film agreed on the conclusion that, unlike the devastation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Hurricane Katrina, the flooding of New Orleans was a man made disaster, “the greatest man made engineering catastrophe since Chernobyl”, in the words of UC Berkeley’s ILIT report. Saying that the film was about New Orleans and the hurricane was false advertising, as well as falsifying the conclusion of the experts.

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Midday peace, I brought my cheese chicken pieces 5-10 minutes in a boiled pot, add 4 finely chopped onions, add the onions, add the chopped pepper, add two cups of walnuts, add one teaspoon dried seasoning One teaspoon of foreign spices, a teaspoon of sour Lemon juice, a teaspoon of red pepper, one teaspoon of flour, two leftover garlic, I cleaned the boiling water, let me open it and put it in a meat pot, add 5 minutes, add salt to taste, it is delicious, delicious.
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