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In Gill v. Whitford (2016)[17] a District Court used the efficiency gap statistic to evaluate the claim of partisan gerrymander in Wisconsin’s legislative districts. In the 2012 election for the state legislature, the efficiency gap was 11.69% to 13% in favor of the Republicans.

Hermes Belt Replica Despite the large numbers of Japanese troops in the immediate vicinity, Schrier’s patrol made it to the rim of the crater at about 10:15 am, having come under little or no enemy fire, as the Japanese were being bombarded at the time.[13] The flag was attached by Schrier and two Marines to a Japanese iron water pipe found on top, and the flagstaff was raised and planted by Schrier, assisted by Platoon Sergeant Ernest Thomas and Sergeant Oliver Hansen at about 10:30 am[8] (on February 25, during a CBS press interview aboard the flagship USS about the flag raising, Thomas stated that he, Schrier, and Hansen (platoon guide) had actually raised the flag).[14] The raising of the national colors immediately caused a loud cheering reaction from the Marines, sailors, and coast guardsmen on the beach below and from the men on the ships near the beach. The loud noise made by the servicemen and blasts of the ship horns alerted the Japanese, who up to this point had stayed in their cave bunkers. Schrier and his men near the flagstaff then came under fire from Japanese troops, but the Marines quickly eliminated the threat.[citation needed] Schrier was later awarded the Navy Cross for volunteering to take the patrol up Mount Suribachi and raising the American flag, and a Silver Star Medal for a heroic action in March while in command of D Company, 2/28 Marines on Iwo Jima.. Hermes Belt Replica

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Hermes Replica Bags These services involve applying human resource, financial and budget management, rostering and general administrative functions, security system management and property maintenance services in support of the Command. The Unit also facilitates logistical and purchasing support to meet the members day to day operational needs.The NSW Police Dog Unit was formed in 1932 and provides a support service for all operational police in NSW. The Unit aim is to provide specialist canine services such as general purpose, drug, firearms/explosive detection and human remains dogs. Hermes Replica Bags

Hermes Birkin Replica All along Southern California beaches, the ACC is promoting recycling with slick advertisements adhered to trash not recycling cans. The ad covering the trash cans shows a young girl happily drinking from a plastic water bottle. The text reads: “Plastics. Hermes Birkin Replica

Replica Hermes The first object that caught my eye in Tyson’s double storied, sparely furnished living room was a plush, purple Disney child’s car seat, perched on a chair near the screen doors that led out to a swimming pool. There was also a child size table and chairs, and a cluster of Mylar balloons tied to a bar stool in celebration of the birth of the Tysons’ week old son, Morocco, who had a touch of jaundice as well as his father’s narrow eyes. The white stucco house is located in a gated community called Seven Hills, which has the hushed, slightly vacant aura of gated communities everywhere. Replica Hermes

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Hermes Replica This is a season of gerrymandering. A federal court in Texas will soon Replica Hermes rule on whether the state discriminated against minorities when it adopted its current congressional map. The Supreme Court will hear the biggest case of all in October: a challenge to Wisconsin’s partisan gerrymander with the potential to curb partisan gerrymandering nationwide.. Hermes Replica

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………………………………………………………….. The documentary does shed negative light on India. It paints a picture of a country that is so far regressive that it is incomprehensible to those who have never walked its streets. In the initial reenactment of the rape, the scenes are terrifying and may as well have been out of a horror film Replica Hermes Bags.

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