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E! News can confirm the Rosewood vet Jaina Lee Ortiz is the first to sign on to the series, set to be introduced via backdoor pilot in one of Grey’s Anatomy’s fall episodes before launching at midseason. Naturally, who she’ll be playing is being kept under wraps is Shondaland we’re talking about, after all. Neither ABC nor Shondaland would confirm rumors that she’ll be playing the show’s female lead, but the still untitled spinoff’s directing executive producer Paris Barclay shared the casting news on Twitter, writing, “She’s our star!”.

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He laughs, it more like they were afraid. To Procktor reaction to his dad as clown as a kid, that discomfort is actually naturally baked into this art show about death there a very clean metaphor here. Not a happy looking dude in that outfit.

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wondered what he would do now

Saadar has opened the door.

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When students get lost in the shuffle, who will safeguard their interests? It’s not the job of the media to monitor everything that impacts students. When students are pushed toward the cliff, losing hope, losing money and running out of options, who’s keeping watch full time to make sure they don’t fall off the radar? The Department of Education? The Department of Consumer Protection? Many will come under the care of the Department of Corrections, and that gets expensive. Perhaps this state needs a full time Student Advocate, a catcher in the rye to make sure Connecticut’s students don’t go over the cliff while the rest of us are arguing..

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9), which tells of American soldiers who discovered a terror plot on a French train; and 12 Strong (Jan. 19), about the first Special Forces team sent to Afghanistan after 9/11. Older tales can be found in Winchester (Feb.

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