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That change is forcing geese to fly south sooner, he said. The DNR has not counted geese for a few years because it was so busy with other matters but has returned to it this year, he said. This week’s count found about 5,300 geese in and around Rochester.

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From late August through late November, a new wave of thinkers and makers exhibited projects aimed at sparking conversations about design. Five of the 10 invited competitors won a prestigious J. Irwin and Xenia S.

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For my exchange, I headed out to McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I studied mechanical engineering, which was defiantly a challenge in regards to getting course equivalency and signing up to subjects but the fight was totally worth it. I ended up getting into courses that contributed to my degree (MECH220, MECH292 FINM342, COMP208 and FRSL101).

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