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Making refillable glass bottles strong enough to withstand several journeys between the consumer and the bottling plant requires making them thicker and so heavier, which increases the resources required to transport them. Since transport has a large environmental impact, careful evaluation is required of the number of return journeys bottles make. If a refillable bottle is thrown away after being refilled only several times, the resources wasted may be greater than if the bottle had been designed for a single journey..

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falabella bag replica Hurry Folks get your STENEUM COINS just few hrs left is at.15 cents will be in the many Dollars Soon at 10 am Central Time Starts Join NOW!
How does Steneum (STN) work? ???

Steneum is digital asset designed to work as a unit of exchange without relying on a central
Steneum is nearly identical to Bitcoin since it was created based on Bitcoin
All transactions that have been made are recorded and displayed in
The transfer fee may be reduced
You can transfer Steneum (STN) to anywhere in the world as long as the recipient is connected to the
I already got ready with my first 500 STN = STENEUM COINS
Starts December 1st 2017/ at 17 Hours at 10 am central standard time starts friday Dec 1st End on January 01, 2018

Roadmap and Development
December 2017 January 2018 February 2018
– Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – Windows Wallet – Lending program
– Beta test for local
– Mining
– Available for local
– Available for international exchange!

Current STN price : $
Minimum BUY 50 STN.
* Due to the large number of demmand and user request, the maximal purchase limit is 500 STN / transaction
* Maximum Buy 5,000 STN Per * Maximum Buy 50,000 STN Per * Referral in the ICO program will automatically become a referral in exchange * After round 1 : the stn token can be transfered from account to another * Deposit address will show after order ( after invoice created ).

On 1st Dec

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