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KnockOff Handbags Statement by Refugee Camp Delegates (Mentao, Goudoubo, Bobo Dioulasso, Ougadougou, Dori, Essakane) in Burkina Faso Following a Consultation Prior to the National Attendance Conference

Us Delegates from the Refugee Camps Above quoted, undersigned:

Considering the multiple and multifarious sufferings endured by the people of Azawad since the independence of Mali (massacres of civilians, poisoning of water sources, falsification of history , denial of culture, forced exile, torture, humiliation …);
Considering the right of populations to be protected;
Considering the right of the people of Azawad to benefit from the protection and assistance of the international community, under the provisions of international legal instruments;
Considering the hope nurtured by the injured people of the Azawad in the arrival of the UN mission to mitigate, if not to stop to be totally all of its sufferings;
Considering the internationalized dimension of the conflict, with the commitment of the UN;
Considering the historical and political origins of the conflict opposing the Azawad in Mali, as well as the expectations of the population in the matter of serious conflict resolution:
Considering the previous peace agreements (1992,2006, 2015) between the people of Azawad and the Malian central government, whose unsuitability of the proposed solutions to the problem posed the germ cyclical uprisings of the people of Azawad;
Considering the failure of successive Malian authorities to respect their commitments to the people of Azawad;
Considering the multiplication of hotbeds of tension, the proliferation of actors and weapons with visible effects on the center of the country (Mopti region), the Azawad (north) and the rest of the country;
Considering the extent of the country, the weakness of the means of the state, the presence e stakes and mistrust of the people of Azawad vis-à-vis the state;
Considering thegeopolitical changes at the national, subregional and global levels and their effects;
Considering the various resolutions of the UN Security Council, mandating MINUSMA to contribute to stabilization and return of peace between parties in belligerence until reaching a consensual solution;
Considering the agreement for peace and reconciliation in Mali, resulting from the Algiers process, signed on June 20, 2015 in Bamako…
obvious interference and bias of the representation of the UN in Mali (MINUSMA), in favor of the state, in total contradiction of its mandate, materializing by threats, if not the Indifference to the forces and civilian populations of Azawad, while it unjustly and expressly covers the army and pro-government militias; and the deliberate will of the state of Mali to form, arm and inst to rally communities against one another to dilute the political conflict between the people of Azawad and the State of Mali in a vast project of intra- and inter-communal conflict and outsourcing of the issue of defense and security to tribal militias in place of the national army;
of the diplomatic and media politic approach of the Malian government to give a terrorist connotation to the political question of azawad, resulting from a bad faith to admit the problem as it is:
the lack of strategies and clear political will to end the crisis by the highest authorities of Mali, other than the rotting and division of a tribalist and / communitarian character;
that Mali can no longer be managed from a single decision-making center;
the return of the terrorist coalition in the Sahelo-Saharan space, with serious threats to integrity; of the multiplication of movements, under the instigation of the Malian government…
In the light of all the foregoing and for a real peace in the Saharan Sahelian space and a living together among all the social components of the country, Declare the following:
Under the title of Justice:
The official recognition of the state of Mali of its full responsibility in the massacres of the Tuareg Arab civilization of the Azawad during the various conflicts between the people of the Azawad in central Malian, in 1963, the 1990s, 2006, then from 2012 to the present day:
The reparation for Wholesale Replica Handbags the benefit of the victims and / or their successors,
The condemnation by the mali of the tribal militias,
The translation of the perpetrators of the crimes and purification taking 1960-2017 as reference period:
The opening of an independent international law body to investigate all cases of human rights violations in Azawad and recently in the center of the country; Political

Accep to express unity in diversity and integrity in specificity, taking into account the major sociological and territorial entities, in order to solve present problems and anticipate possible problems;
The recognition of Azawad as a whole as a specific politico-territorial entity, taking into account the socio-cultural, memorial, symbolic and human reality; The reconsideration of secularism as a pillar of the constitution in a 95% Muslim country;
The division of powers between the people of Azawad and the state of Mali at all levels;
At the humanitarian level (refugees)
Create a structure within the organization of the conference of nationalENTENTE, charged exclusively with Preparing for the expeditious return of refugees under conditions This structure must work in close collaboration with the interim authorities to take an active part in the national conference, National Reconstruction to enjoy their rights, including the futurelocal elections;
Call on the Malian government to advocate with humanitarian agencies and other goodwill to relieve in the emergency the suffering of this people, who still feels abandoned;
Help to ensure the safety of refugees with the taking in charge of all rights related to their status until the conditions for a dignified and peaceful return are met; – To occupy the refugees through income-generating activities and make the employability of their graduates with NGO intervening on their behalf Encouraging NGOs inside the country to make local interventions, especially in the most remote and most disadvantaged areas (environments far from urban centers); Beyond refugees, other social strata, especially displaced persons and political exiles, the conference of national understanding must place them at the heart of its preoccupations KnockOff Handbags.

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