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Season dominated by the Olympics and by debate over head injuries, the playoffs are here, as usual, to supersede any off ice issues. Except that this spring, one of the eight opening round matchups stands out for its behind the scenes questions as well as for what it offers in the rink. No it’s not Ilja Bryzgalov shut outs (although those seem to be happening quite often), it’s NHL bashing.

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Cheyenne Central High School video production teacher Kevin Olsong has his portrait taken in a production room his classes. Like working with kids. I had a lot of teachers growing up that taught me more than just the curriculum, Olson said about teaching.

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“Natural ingredients like herbs and fruit are extracted, distilled, or pressed to yield aromatic oils, which often become the base for the perfume,” explains Sue Phillips, founder of the New York City fragrance firm Scenterprises and creator of perfumes for Burberry and Trish McEvoy. Chemicals are used to create new aromas that aren’t found in nature or to re create rare ones, though most fragrances are a combination. Whether they’re natural or synthetic, these scents are usually mixed with a combo of alcohol (to blend and stabilize scents) and water (to dilute), Grant says.

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There are people in this country and around the world dying for much less. There is nothing ‘tragic’ about this. Get over yourselves and your sense of entitlement, people,”.. I visited the 24th annual Avo Fest last fall, and found guacamole obviously, omnipresent as well as applications such as avocado teacake, avocado agua fresca, and avocado ice cream (though the deep fried avocado was reportedly missing that year). At the front of the festival was a big white expo tent where autodidacts could seek information from industry pros like Rick Shade, who stood behind the CAC’s table, which was furnished with free swag: magnets, bumper stickers, avo scoopers, recipes. There were middle school sketches of “Halloween Avocado” and “Ballerina Avocado,” and, away from the tent, a man was wearing an inflatable avocado suit accessorized with aviator shades and a stuck out tongue.

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