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Shopper demand for cold weather clothes will get a lift over Black Friday, according to data from weather intelligence firm Planalytics. Many markets in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic coast are seeing weather driven demand jump by more than 10 percent compared with the same period last year. That’s welcome news for any sellers of sweaters and coats, especially after last year’s slow start left shop racks full of outerwear until late winter..

Gokil story between girl and her smsan boy (Terasi couple, aka blacan): D Ne was originally a girl who really missed her boyfriend so her girl who sms first…

Girl: yaaaannk?? < br>
Boys: He’s dear?

Girls: Again ngapain?

Boys: Again you’re thinking about Girls: Hmmm, so, sweet,!

Boys: Syg again what ne?

Girls: Kan again minkin aBnG jG, hehehe

Guy: Ah, Msa sich, syg! emg adk what do you think about ab?

Girls: Yes, about the journey we both neh, if……..

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