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Hello, Today, I am reconciled with the recipe of Mrs. Lali Gagnidze, which is the most delicious cats


One pack and half margarine (250 grams)
7 cups flour 500 500 pieces Eggs
scarcic salt
1 egg omelet and heartburn

half a pack of margarine (125 2 cups of flour – 2 cups of sugar
eagle salt

Prepare the dough

Take the flour and hand it well Let ‘s put it together with margarine + egg + salt with sour soda and Replica Hermes Birkin put it in a refrigerator in a refrigerator

Let’ s open the margarine in a thickened pot and add the flour to the scorching groove. Split and finely chop off at medium temperature pre-cooled (cup is 200 grams).

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Prepare and tastle
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