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Many know me as the “ZERO RUNNING DAYS” guy… But I know perfectly that it is not a perfect strategy and it has a win rate of 9/10 or 90%. Meaning out of 10 sites I recommend, 1 may not be paying you… Invest once, earn, run and transfer to the next recommended ZERO RUNNING DAY site (as hyips always open daily)

However, I have found a more better strategy where it has a 100% win rate with only just 2 sites (you can reinvest, scam-free and worry-free).

1st site – 200% in 10 days (can invest only once per 10 days).
2nd site – 200%-220% in 30 days (can invest many plans – you can do it daily, weekly, or just monthly).

Main Reason: No central
If you are interested join our CLOSED GROUP PAGE and read the other reasons on the pinned post or you could add me as friend and pm me with more details (if I’m awake). And please to all negative people out there read first the pinned post before you judge “ZERO RISK” is

However, if you are waiting for my post what is the latest ZERO RUNNING DAYS then here are the following:

Minimum of $1
Recommendation: Invest 1-2x only, earn, run and transfer to my next recommended

Recommendation: SAFE (Under Zero Running Days Strategy)
Opened: May 1, 2016 (in PH but in other country it was April 30)

Recommendation: SAFE (Under Zero Running Days Strategy).

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