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Read Guys this true story  * anggel
that’s the name
call hell girl seari her day *
* girl on park bench *
hell cwo any guy: guess who dateng (while closing

girl: who the hell is he? cow: this is me (open my eyes anyway cwe)
girl: ih rese bnget guy: hnm maap yah yah kinda girl: gpp guy: kmu merem deh?
girl: why guy: already jngan girl: but jngan weird ” yah (girl any brake)
guy: open the eyes of roses)
girl: ciyee makasih yah {}
guy: hnm aku pngen ngomong
girl: guy: I love girl: maa i kya her ga pantes
make kmu (when
dear bnget)
guy: why?
girl: later kmu bkal tau sndiri ko
(smile while
tear netesin)
guy: hnm, yeah my name is idung kmu
bleeding? (while
ngelapin his blood)
girl: I gpp ko, just nosebleed

guy: yaudah I anterin go home at home cwe and his mother
girl: bu kalo he came, said i was good ” wrote aja cwe cwe: until when kmu
sembunyiin disease this kmu is kedia?
girl: until I bner ” see him for bahagiya bu, I
gamau see him sad and kuwatir
karna disease
respiratory infections I cowo itupun kuwatir then call hell

guy: kmu udah gpp right?
girl: I’m good ‘ ‘aja ko,
guy: hnm yaudah tar mlem me
wait yah
dibangku park

girl: yes * dimatiin *
cowo and even then be surprised who came mala
temen sih cwe.
guy: ko ​​kmu sih, where is he?
tmen sih cwe: I was told to come sma
he made
nemenin kmu,
guy: but I pngen him with him!!

sms *
guy: I am in front of the house cwe open girl: kmu ko here?
coeok: yes I’m the same kngen (while hugging

cwe) )
c ewe itupun fainted dipelukan sih cwo
karna his condition arrived ” * in the hospital *
him and mother cwe cwe nunguin news from

guy: bu jelasin mother sih cwe: already

should he have infectious diseases on his breathing

his nose he’s out
blood continues,
guy: but why he’s not honest perna to me bu? he just told me I’m just a regular nosebleed
mother cwe: it’s his alesan knpa him
reject kmu, karna
he gamau make kmu kuwatir and sad

doctor: how dad is he?

doctor: he has said something before he’s a guy: what is a dock?
a doctor: he said you must be able to accept reality, he is also his genuinely genuine affection
same, but destiny
and other things say,
guy: * nangis and masi Gak
believe *
Hopefully the longevity comment
and be given
the match with ALLAH loyal and sincere
kya cwe it
until the dawn picks up. And hopefully that does not comment
given disease

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