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The 1.8 m (71 Pan STARRS telescope, with the most advanced digital camera to date has a field of view of 7 sq. Degrees. In the near infra red WFCAM on UKIRT has a field of view of 0.2 sq.

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Designer Replica Bags Cockermouth Castle, built in 1134, is perched precariously on a hill by the confluence of the rivers Cocker and Derwent. It if does collapse, it could raise the risk of flooding in the nearby town Cockermouth.Jonas, which could be renamed Storm Gertrude by the Met Office when it hits the UK, wreaked havoc in the US, with eleven states declaring a state of emergency. Some 85million people, or one in four Americans, were affected by the storm, including at least 130,000 left without power.Among those killed was a boy aged four who died when the car he was in crashed into a truck in North Carolina.In New Jersey, a mother, 23, and her one year old son died of carbon monoxide poisoning after snow blocked their car’s exhaust pipe. Designer Replica Bags

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