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Elevations are the most common orthographic projection for conveying the appearance of a building from the exterior. Perspectives are also commonly used for this purpose. A building elevation is typically labeled in relation to the compass direction it faces; the direction from which a person views it.

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B) I am relishing the fact that at the end of each day I put on my coat, pick up my bag, turn my back on the whole lot of it and walk away. It is something about which I shall never be complacent again. Work is just work.

It is rumoured that the first birds escaped from an aviary in Northdown Park, Margate, in Thanet, Kent, during a storm in 1987. However, as the parakeet had breeding status four years before, this is clearly untrue. There is also a story that a small number of birds escaped from Shepperton Studios in 1951 during the making of The African Queen with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.

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