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It was to be the second Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) bomber squadron formed overseas. Goose Squadron, as it was to become known, was initially based at RAF Lindholme in Yorkshire, England, and equipped with Handley Page Hampdens. During the war, the Goose Squadron converted aircraft several times.

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Well behaved metals have crystal structures featuring unit cells with up to four atoms. Manganese has a complex crystal structure with a 58 atom unit cell, effectively four different atomic radii, and four different coordination numbers (10, 11, 12 and 16). It has been described as resembling “a quaternary intermetallic compound with four Mn atom types bonding as if they were different elements.”[139] The half filled 3d shell of manganese appears to be the cause of the complexity.

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Description : This book, divided into 13 chapters, explores recent discoveries in the area of molecular plant microbe interactions. It focuses mainly on the mechanisms controlling plant disease resistance and the cross talk among the signalling pathways involved, and the strategies used by fungi and viruses to suppress these defences. Two chapters deal with the role of symbionts (such as the symbiotic actinobacteria and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi) during their interactions with plants.

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