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Both models differ greatly in their treatment of scattering at the interface. In AMM the interface is assumed to be perfect, resulting in no scattering, thus phonons propagate elastically across the interface. The wavevectors that propagate across the interface are determined by conservation of momentum.

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Questra Holdings Inc is a registered company with headquarters in
AGAM offers various investment packages, starting from 90 Euros and going up to 21,870 Euros which generate revenue up to 213-312% per
All financial transactions and interactions with
This is just a brief intro about Questra
I am a strong believer in Long term and sustainable business online
Majority believe everything goes in any online venture BUT I am always of the school of thought of approaching online businesses with offline
One of such opportunities is *QUESTRA
Questra Holdings offers investors all around the world the opportunity to realize their plans and dreams through funding and building active offline investments
These include auctions, real estate trading, and purchase and sale of securities on Replica Designer Handbags the stock market (IPO). This is actualized through specially developed ‘Investors Portfolios’ product that caters for all levels of
You earn from your investment package through

As much as this might be direct, I know you will still have some salient and logical
Let me try and read your mind to address some of the likely questions on your mind now:

It has all certifications in its various field of businesses that it investor’s funds are put
Questra Holdings ensures it spreads your invested funds across its 25
Each Manager also earns commissions for every profit made hence they are well motivated to ensure they perform to their optimum best weekly!!

*Since Questra assures our investment,* Why should we then risk money in a scheme that is either I gain or
Recently, most people now deal in Bitcoin and find it
So why not start something new, something moving, something you’re guaranteed of, something that’s not risky, something with a legal guarantee, If one could be involved in an investment where the organization doesn’t necessarily have a physical office and yet earns weekly, *how much more Questra! Try Questra and you won’t regret
Questra holdings is a joint stock company registered in *Cape Verde with headquarters in
Within this body, there are 2 main companies


These two subsidiaries of Questra holding Inc are managed by two separate teams but all work with d same
The Company was established as SFG Group in 2009 and was renamed as Questra Holdings in
Questra is already 3 years active, and paying to his
Questra Holdings has official partnerships with many clients in 28 countries all over Europe!

The company has more than 158 employees!

88% of all conducted deals turn out to be profitable!

The year 2015 has brought 231,140,
What else?

Don’t let me keep boring you with all the other exciting details because I am sure with the above you are fired up to be a part of this life-changing income/business
So u can dream big in Questra, and work it
When you are done with profile
*Deposit/Withdrawal Options:- Bitcoin, ethereum, dash, PerfectMoney, BankWire, OKPay, Ecobank card
As usual, I am not a ghost!!

I am always available to assist you through as nothing beats TEAMWORK in making ANY DREAMWORK!!

*For further Information on QUESTRA HOLDINGS, send me a whatsapp message on: +2348097757509


This is the no 2 & 3 type of earning and it is not compulsory you introduce anyone to
Upline is called
Questra won’t give u ur promo link or that of partner not until u purchase ur
You can have as many partners as u want

when u start, u start from level 1 (newcomer’s level). U earn 5% from your direct partners only and u don’t earn from ur partner’s
To attain level 2, u must have a structural group volume of €
Once you attain a structural sales/purchase volume of €25000, you get to level 3, which is called silver
And so on,

Onceu get to level 7, d company invites u to Spain to come sign a directors
Newcomer – 5%

Bronze Agent – 7%

Silver Agent – 9%

Gold Agent –
Platinum Agent – 12%

Bronze Director – 13%

Silver Director – 14%

Gold Director –
Platinum, Managing and Super Directors – 15%

Compounding simply means you don’t want to withdraw your profit
You wanna wait for it to accumulate until its enough to purchase another package with which you would want to
For instance, I purchased the green package (€810), and I earn €35 weekly on the
In week 1, I will have €35
In week 2, I will have another €35 making it €70 and I didnt
In week 3, I will have another €35 that I haven’t withdrawn

With the €105 I can now purchase a new white package of €90 from these accumulated profits and will be left with a balance of €15 in my QUESTRA/AGAM
In week 4, my earning will increase because i now have 2 active packages namely €810 and €90 which yields €35 & €
In week 5, I will earn another
In week 6, I will earn another
Take note, we can now purchase a new white package from this accumulated
In week 7, my earning will increase because i now have 3 active packages, 810€, 90€ and another €90 which yields €35, €
Remember I have a balance of €
In week 8, I will earn €
At this point, from my accumulated returns, I can now purchase the 3rd white package of €90 and will have a balance of €
Once the 3rd white package purchase is made, I can now upgrade by merging the 3 white packages into 1 yellow package of €
So from week 9, my new return will start coming from 1yellow package and 1 green package which will now be €10 and the €35 (total €45) Designer Replica Bags.

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