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Upon admission into the Order of Canada, members are given various insignia of the organization, all designed by Bruce W. Beatty, who “broke new ground in the design of insignia of Orders within The Queen’s realms” and was himself made a member of the order in 1990;[37][38] Beatty attended every investiture ceremony between 1967 and early 2010.[39] The badge belonging to the Sovereign consists of a jewelled, 18 carat gold crown of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires,[37] from which is suspended a white, enamelled, hexagonal snowflake design, with six equal leaves and diamonds between each. At the centre is a disc bearing a maple leaf in pav laid rubies on a white enamel background, surrounded at its edge by a red enamel ring (annulus) bearing the motto of the order.[40][41] The Chancellor wears the badge of a Companion and is, upon installation as governor general, granted a livery collar for wear at Order of Canada investiture ceremonies.[42].

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