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Goodnight my love and love ❤️di mamy… A usual place tomorrow… Thank you for the strength you are sending me… “This is an architecturally crazy city,” says New Zealand born winemaker Grant Phelps, as he hands me a glass of wine on the rooftop of his recently opened hotel, WineBox, which sits a short stroll away from Neruda’s house and museum, La Sebastiana. Set on a former micro landfill in Cerro Mariposa (or “butterfly hill”), one of the less hiked of the city’s 45 hills, WineBox is constructed out of decommissioned shipping containers purchased from the nearby port of San Antonio. Each of the 25 salvaged containers (which traveled a combined 160 million kilometers before landing at WineBox) comes with a history that’s been traced back to ships carrying freight from fireworks to 119 kilos of cocaine hidden inside instant coffee jars bound for the Polish port of Gdynia..

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Hermes Replica Belt “I just think carrots, particularly their tops and roots, are an artistic wonder,” Richard Blais says. “The color, the abstract shape they’re gorgeous.” He likes his carrots peeled, left whole and cooked with the tops still attached in a zingy ginger sauce. Whether you prefer yours crispy and roasted for a warming fall dinner or shredded and raw in a summer slaw, Food Wine’s guide to carrots gives you ideas for delicious recipes, improves your knife skills and helps you master classic cooking techniques.. Hermes Replica Belt

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