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A 17 year old and 18 year old, believed to be connected to several vehicle break ins, were arrested after the crash that happened near 15th and Mitchell. Window broken. It got the front passenger broken.. While there will be a lottery system in place to reward private franchises, expect the usual suspicions of political favouritism to political friends similar to grumbling after the Sask. Party rewarded private, stand alone liquor store franchises. That the Federated Co 0p with a highly successful record of liquor retailing in Alberta didn receive more private liquor franchises in Saskatchewan still remains puzzling..

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Fake Designer Bags “Raspberries plants that have fruited on second year canes can be removed now or in the spring prior to green up.” These canes will be brown or gray in color. The primocanes that grew this year (and may have set a late crop of berries) will produce a full crop next summer, do not prune these out. But do thin them to 6 or so of the larger canes per foot of row. I know of at least one of my gardening friends who collects cannas and will be jumping for joy with this new variety. This plant is compact in habit and suited for both landscape and container use. The variety is more vigorous, more uniform, and has more basal branching than other comparable cannas, offering a vivid orange bloom colour that just pops next to the bright green foliage on the plant Fake Designer Bags.

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