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In addition, there was not only a change in the island s political and cultural landscape, but also in the economy and the demography of post Famine Ireland. In the words of the female historian Mary E. Daly, “there is little doubt that the famine was a significant event in the nineteenth century Irish history, but its precise impact is a matter of some considerable debate”.

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2 also exhibits a metal to semiconductor transition in its electronic structure: the rutile phase is metallic while the monoclinic phase is semiconducting.[10] The optical band gap of VO2 in the low temperature monoclinic phase is about 0.7 eV.[11]Metallic VO2 contradicts the Wiedemann Franz Law that holds that the ratio of the electronic contribution of the thermal conductivity () to the electrical conductivity () of a metal is proportional to the temperature. The thermal conductivity that could be attributed to electron movement was 10% of the amount predicted by the Wiedemann Franz Law. The reason for this appears to be the fluidic way that the electrons move through the material, reducing the typical random electron motion.[12][13].

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