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New plan
Company From With % Legal or Long Term
➡Package :-
➡(1)100$= 7000 ₹
➡(2)200$ = 14000 ₹
➡(3)500$ = 35000 ₹
➡(4)1000$ = 70000 ₹

➡Income: –
1⃣Profit Sharing
2⃣Fast Track Bonus
3⃣Matching Bonus
4⃣Special Bonus
5⃣Lucky Draw
6⃣ Rewards

➡Profit sharing :-
Package 1:- (50$)=1% Per Day up to Package 2:- (100$) =1% Per Day upto 180 Package 3:- (200$)=1% Per Day upto 200 Package 4: -(500$)=1% Per Day upto 210 Package 5: -(1000$)=1% Per Day upto220
➡Fast Track Bonus
You 2 Direct With Same Package or Above you will get
➡Matching Bonus :- 1:1 = 10%
⏩Capping will be 5X of Joining amount in a
➡Lucky Draw:-
How to Play
Invest 5$ & 10$ In Draw
Winner Get X10 Income of your
➡ Rewards on Matching
5000$… Replica Handbags = 150$
11000$… = 300$

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