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replica celine belt bag Sales in South Africa, the continent largest market, rose to 6.4 billion rand ($531 million) in 2014 from 5.8 billion rand in 2013, according to market research firm Nielsen.South Africa, which does not produce cocoa on a large scale, is also the continent biggest chocolate producer. Aside from Nestle, Mondelez and Lindt also have factories.The most prominent mass market chocolate maker in West Africa is Ghana Cocoa Processing Company, which makes around 1,000 tonnes of chocolate per year under its Golden Tree label.Street hawkers sell the bars, some for less than a dollar, and they contain an ingredient to stop melting in the hot sun.Golden Tree serves a domestic market and is yet to export its products successfully. On that score, Africa most successful wholly local chocolate brand may be Madecasse, a company founded in Madagascar in 2006.Peace Corps volunteers established it to help farmers make money from the island nation coveted cocoa and vanilla replica celine belt bag.

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