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Reflective markers are also referred to as raised pavement markers, road studs, and sometimes (generically) in the UK and Ireland as cat’s eye, although this name refers to one particular brand of product.[citation needed] These markers can be used for other purposes such as marking the locations of fire hydrants (blue) or at gates of gated communities to indicate that emergency service vehicles have a code or device that allows them to open the gate.[citation needed] In the United Kingdom and elsewhere, raised markers are used to mark Top Quality Replica Handbags crosswalks (crossings) to assist the blind in crossing streets. In colder climates, reflective markers may be installed below ground using an elongated narrow triangle, cut into the road surface that allows the device to be installed below the road surface. Newer technology allows these to be placed above ground with snowplough able rails that attempt to protect the reflective components from the snowplough blade..

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Fake Designer Bags The scheme maintains a 900 foot “no marking zone” from the midpoint of the runway back toward the threshold. That is, those pairs of surface markings that extend within 900 feet of the runway midpoint are eliminated. The intent of this painting practice is to preserve a 1,800 foot unmarked area so pilots do not confuse the surface markings during a landing with the surface markings for the other approach procedure.. Fake Designer Bags

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