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Wen Long Shenru:
thought, to how comprehensive the ups and downs, mood and attitudes of the racecourse since this year. Everyone’s pursuit for the purpose of sports is different, such as weight loss, fitness, physical health or self-pursuit or self-actualization into the marathon or run the world among them, because it is for me to pursue self-expression will be Efforts to practice and participate in events (20 games a month, from 10km to full marathon) and the spirit of this commitment and $$ Unfortunately, the recent version of some running out of the mentality is not very good, will be jealous Other people’s dynamic and thus affect the rights and interests of others to make friends, I think this is not a well-being of the runners will have the situation, like a running friend in my first message when he added him to write that he Career, I immediately reply to him I am not the kind of people who look low, maybe because my career is a music player and giving such a stereotype, but running is not a simple thing, if because of jealous Or jealousy with inferiority and running so complicated will not be very tired?…… Say this is not a complaint, just hope that everyone can run with a more positive attitude, of course, to find me jogging or know me is also very welcome Oh, just do not use the four-speed to hack me haha!!

I have been dating now running it maintained a simple attitude, so I can only hope that next year pb continue to move forward, I hope every body is able to run the Friends of the more run more healthy, more understanding Runners from all over! Saying originally wanted to say that this year will not run LSD again, but due to my interpersonal relationship today I went to Lake Green Goddess Park Road with many first met Big Brother Sister practice, but also thanks Lynn Sister gave me a chance to blind school kids Healthy walking (just as LSD ease, about four kilometers walk around) Because I had intended to come to contact with the part of visually impaired pawn runners, just walking today is also as an experience ~ ~ ~
hope Everyone in the new year can run healthy!.

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Chloe Replica Handbags [2017 cloud Post Shanhai road race – Cloud Post Shanhai, full service]?
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➡️➡️➡️ Online Registration: ⏰ Event Time: Sunday, November 12, 2017
Activity Pamphlet: Due to the issue of right of way application, the event date will be postponed until November 12, 2017, causing inconvenience to the traveling public.
The runners who signed up before July 12, 106 will be required to apply before the deadline for registration due to the event date change Chloe Replica Handbags.

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