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We don’t have any Control on price of
_*• Trading of TCC will be done via Bitcoins only*_

_• If anyone sells TCC then he will get Bitcoins and if anyone Buys TCC then he should have bitcoins to Buy
_• TCC trading Don’t have any concern with any other currencies like : USD / EURO,
_This App is Bitcoin and TCC ( Champcoin ) Wallet and You can also do Trade of TCC to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to TCC from This
_*Buying TCC Process *_

_• User can send his / her bitcoins in TCC app via send / receive BTC option. TCC app is also a bitcoin wallet and once user have bitcoins in his Bitcoin wallet of TCC app then user can directly purchase TCC through
_• After having bitcoins user Place his Buy bid to buy TCC in TCC
_• As any seller meets his buying bid then he will get TCC
_*Selling TCC Process *_

_• To sell TCC user place Sell bid and as Buyer meets his sell bid then His TCC will be sold
_• After selling TCC he can withdraw his BTC into his bitcoin wallet
_*Send / Receive TCC*_

_• Sending and receiving TCC is very simple through TCC app. User have to enter Enter TCC wallet address where he is sending / receiving TCC._

_This App is Bitcoin and TCC ( Champcoin ) Wallet and You can also do Trade of TCC to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to TCC from This
_*To Download TCC App, Visit*_

_*☎If you Need More information -OR- Want to Buy TCC so then contact me On my WhatsApp*_
Jignesh upadhyay
*contact me for buy unlimited coin available @so dont miss this opportunity*

*Big Trader of TCC*



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