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1.) Names and titles of people that are knowledgeable of and responsible for the confidentiality of trade secrets and proprietary processes. 2.) Conditions that require a lock down of confidential materials. 3.) A confidential building plan that indicates which rooms confidential materials are kept.

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Replica Handbags The relative values of alternative positions of breakwaters in affording shelter can be similarly studied using the wave generating devices available; and the development of secondary, or reflected, waves with undesirable disturbances within the sheltered area may be anticipated and, if possible, forestalled.Natural and artificial harboursIn certain favoured points on the world’s coastlines, nature has provided harbours waiting only to be used, such as New York Bay, which the explorer Giovanni da Verrazano described as “a very agreeable location” for sheltering a ship. Such inlets, bays, and estuaries may require improvement by dredging and must be supplied with port structures, but basically they remain as nature made them, and their existence accounts for many of the world’s great cities. Because such natural harbours are not always at hand where port facilities are needed, engineers must create artificial harbours. Replica Handbags

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