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During the course of his mission, Snake teams up with Sgt. Christine Jenner, a surviving member of the Delta Force that was sent before him to retrieve Gander.[2] The GLF are assisted by four surviving members of Black Chamber, a defunct special forces unit whose members are given animal themed codenames similar to FOXHOUND. The player has access to this story by going to the CODEC screen during the second playthrough and onward by contacting frequency 140.07 on each stage.

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Fuel tablets are simple, ultra lightweight compared to other stove options, and compact; the entire stove system and fuel can be stored inside a 0.5 litre cooking pot. As with trioxane, hexamine has an almost infinite shelf life if stored properly, in a sealed dry container. However, the heat given off cannot be easily adjusted, so water can be boiled, but cooking requiring simmering is more difficult.

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