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Through the phenomenon of secondary emission, this plate multiplies the number of electrons reaching the phosphor screen, giving a significant improvement in writing rate (brightness) and improved sensitivity and spot size as well.[18][19]Most oscilloscopes have a graticule as part of the visual display, to facilitate measurements. The graticule may be permanently marked inside the face of the CRT, or it may be a transparent external plate made of glass or acrylic plastic. An internal graticule eliminates parallax error, but cannot be changed to accommodate different types of measurements.[20] Oscilloscopes commonly provide a means for the graticule to be illuminated from the side, which improves its visibility.[21].

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More commonly a mixture of sodium carbonate, which is also an anti caking agent, and potassium carbonate is added directly. This mixture is what the Chinese call “jian” and what the Japanese call “kansui”; it is best known in the West for the ramen soup noodles from Japan that use it. [1] Sometimes kansui can also be a solution of sodium hydroxide.[2].

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