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I’m really enamored with the conceit that you can create absolutely delicious food that looks disgusting.” He adds, “It’s like a little haunted house on your plate.”Rob Mondavi, one of the fourth generation of Mondavis to make wine in California, produces this balanced, affordable Cabernet from vineyards in the Lodi region.2008 Clos des Fes les Sorcires ($24)The name of this southern French winery translates, more or less, to “the walled vineyard of the fairies,” and the name of the wine itself to “the witches” hence the pointy hatted woman riding a broomstick on the label. It’s a juicy, spicy, Syrah based red blend.2011 Owen Roe Sinister Hand ($24)Primarily Grenache, this Washington state red is full of raspberry and currant flavor. The label has a severed hand, relating to an Irish legend about two families, a boat race and a desperate attempt to touch the finish line first..

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