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Make a list of what pieces are actually important to have and get those first. From there, remember that everything else is for fun, even if it has some practical value as well. Therefore, if a new toy is also useful, that is so much the better; however, remember to have fun with shopping for it..

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Replica Bags Wholesale In his 2013 season, Elliott connected on 16 of 18 field goals.[5] After his freshman season, he led the Tigers with 72 points scored (24/24 extra points and 16/18 field goals).[10] He set a Memphis record with his 56 yard field goal at USF, breaking the 2005 record of 53 yards set by Stephen Gostkowski.[11] He was named the American Athletic Conference Special Teams Player of the Week and also one of three players to be named “Stars of the Week” by Lou Groza Award.[1] In Elliott’s sophomore year, he led the American Athletic Conference by averaging 9.2 points per game. For the second year in a row, he was named First Team All Conference and Conference Special Teams Player of the Year.[12] He scored 120 points during his season, making 21 of 32 field goal attempts and converting all 57 extra point attempts.[13][5] His 21 successful field goals, 57 extra points, and 120 total points scored led the American Conference.[14] During the 2014 Miami Beach Bowl, Elliott kicked the fourth longest field goal in bowl game history, a 54 yard attempt that sent the game into a second overtime and led to a 55 48 victory.[12][15] In the 2015 season, he converted all 63 extra point attempts and 23 of 28 field goal attempts for a team leading 132 points scored.[16] His 63 extra points and 23 field goals led the conference in the 2015 season.[17] In the 2016 season, he converted all 58 extra point attempts and 21 of 26 field goal attempts for a team leading 121 points.[18] His 21 field goals tied him with Tulsa’s Redford Jones for the conference lead.[19] In his collegiate career, he converted all 202 extra point attempts and 81 of 104 field goal attempts. At the end of the 2016 season, his successful collegiate career ranked him first in total points, extra points, and field goals while also finishing third in field goal percentage in conference history.[20][21][22][23]The Cincinnati Bengals selected Elliott in the fifth round (153rd overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft.[26] He was the first of three kickers selected in 2017.[27] He competed with veteran Randy Bullock for the Bengals’ kicker spot. Replica Bags Wholesale

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