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When the color guard was fatally wounded, Carney retrieved the American flag from his comrade and marched forward with it, despite suffering multiple serious wounds.[1][4] When the Union troops were forced to retreat under fire, Carney struggled back across the battlefield. He eventually made his way back to his own lines and turned over the colors to another survivor of the 54th, modestly saying, “Boys, I only did my duty; the old flag never touched the ground!”[2] Carney received an honorable discharge due to disability (as a result of his wounds) in June 1864.[1][5]After his discharge,William H. Carney returned to New Bedford, Massachusetts, and took a job maintaining the city’s streetlights.[3] He married Susannah Williams, and the couple had a daughter, Clara Heronia.[3] Carney spent a few years in California, then returned again in 1869 and began working for the post office as one of the city’s four mail carriers.[1][3] As a public speaker, he addressed veterans’ groups and other civic organizations.[1]Carney did not receive his honor until May 23, 1900, nearly 37 years after the events at Fort Wagner.

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